How does the Goliath of the Internet fit into your digital marketing strategy?

We all know and respect the contribution Google has provided in pushing the Internet forward and driving digital business.


Having relevant search traffic discover your web site is highly desirable for any digital business. This can be prove challenging due to the number of business now competing in the digital marketplace. The tools and techniques available to SEO undergo constant change as Google updates its ranking algorithms to try and tackle the SEO techniques it does not approve off (so-called Black Hat SEO). We specialise in providing legitimate SEO services (so-called White Hat SEO) to build organic page rank.

SEO is an integral part of all our digital marketing activities including content creation (blogs), web site construction and social media posts and activity.

Google AdWords

Ranking highly on a specific search term is not the only option to generate traffic via Google searches. Google AdWords provides an excellent channel to search for traffic. There are considerations when doing this in order to maximise the success of your campaign and if not done correctly you could risk pouring your marketing budget down the drain.

We help companies to build successful Google AdWords campaigns into their digital marketing strategy and carry out an extensive market, competitor and keyword research.

Keyword research and analysis is vital to a successful AdWords campaign.

Targeting the right customer is not quite as simple as buying a keyword related to your product or service. Ads have to be carefully considered and your landing page is vital to bringing the lead ‘on-board’. We manage the full lifecycle of your campaign including the necessary research, design, execution and analysis of performance reports.

We will ensure that your campaign sets off on the right foot and delivers a measurable ROI.