What are we looking for?

We receive frequent submissions from digital marketers, startup companies and aspiring content writers looking to contribute to our blog, some amazing entries and some are.. well let’s say they could do with being looked at. So let’s take a look at what we are looking for.

  • We are primarily a Digital marketing company so the topics we are looking most for you to cover mostly is; MarketingSEOBusinessTechnologyVideo MarketingWordPressMobileSocial Media and Trends. This is not to say that this is all we accept we do also accept other related topics, but if you send us a completely unrelated article you can be sure it will be ignored.
  • Rich Content, We have a large audience of Business professionals, Digital Marketers and Industry Trustees, So if your article is not written well enough and is hard to understand and has no benefit to our audience your not going to be making the cut this time.
  • Links, Images & Videos! – A great article consists of high quality visually appealing images that are optimized for web there is a great tool called Optimizilla where you can optimize your images for the web. We DON’T want articles littered from head to bottom with links linking back to your business or website this is not a link building exercise! keep your links meaningful and relevant to your article, If your quoting a piece of content make sure you’re linking back to the original. We do allow up to one Backlink to your website or product providing it is relevant to the written article. With Video Marketing on the Rise if your article has the chance to encompass video make sure you utilise it! You can send us a link to the video with the submission and we will make sure we get it working on your article for you.
  • We want NEW content.. not reused. If your submission contains any plagiarism or has already been posted elsewhere we will not accept it on our site.

If you are still unsure what we are looking for you can take a look through all our previous blog articles to get an idea on what type of content we accept.


  • Your article must be over 700+ words unless it’s an Infographic, then, in that case, we expect you to package up your Infographic along with a 300+ word short insightful paragraph describing what your infographic is about.
  • No Plagiarism – we will be going through your articles and if they include any signs of plagiarism they will not be uploaded to our site… Keep it original!
  • No more than 1 link back to your website or product will be allowed on your article, and only when it’s relevant may you do so. When linking out make sure the website you link to is credible and a trusted resource.
  • Images are crucial in your article but don’t worry if you don’t provide us with any, we will help make your article look stunning:)
  • Tags, On our articles, we have a section where we include a few relevant tags about your blog for example; #Marketing #Strategy #SocialMedia. If you can provide these to us that’s one less task for us and will make the whole process of getting your post scheduled for publishing quicker.

Packaging up your submission

  • Send your article in a ZIP’d file which contains a short author bio, an image of the author, image files and a word document of your blog article.
  • We require the author’s email address so we can set you up on the site. If your using Gravatar provide us with that email address so the author image will link through.

Submitting your Article

Great! Your article should be ready to submit to us now, Drop us an email at Jake@201digital.co.uk and please allow for 2-4 days for a response regarding your article. If you don’t receive a response within this time you can assume we have rejected your post and will not be publishing it to the site. After you have had 3 posts approved by us you can now apply to be a Regular contributor to the site and we will set you up an account where you can post up without going through our approval process.