The power of digital marketing has been experiencing thrusts with new strategies coming its way. However, 360 videos are probably going to bring major changes in marketing preferences and trends. We may witness marketers utilizing this major source of innovation in marketing and entertainment industry in late 2017 and onward – the 360 video.

Experience Panoramic Views Sitting in Your Sofa

Imagine yourself experiencing panoramic views of a place you’d love to visit, without having to take a flight. Although the technology has recently been made available, fewer companies like 360 Clips & Karma are already taking it to the professional level. The use of 360 videos in digital marketing couldn’t be imagined before these companies initiated it themselves.

After hours of tedious work at office, or mothers taking care of the young ones for the entire day, who could think of having some fresh air in a soothing place? Perhaps, the entertainment industry has started utilizing 360 video technology as much as marketing has. This technology, allowing a 360-degree view of the surroundings, is going to be a major addition to entertainment as predicted by experts.

Panoramic Image of football pitch - VR

360 Video Takes Entertainment to New Heights

Before 360 videos, we could see on side of the picture, hiding the other. We have had the limited scope of entertainment so overlooked that we could not think of limits put by the normal video. 360 videos arriving in the industry have just made us realize the importance of being even close to reality. We can barely feel disconnected with the place in a 360 video compared with normal videos.

How will it affect the entertainment industry?

Those who love to watch boxing, wrestling, or some other sports, are surely going to say hi to an entirely new experience. Think of yourself watching a wrestling video which makes you feel like you’re sitting there looking at reactions of every single person and activities going all around. Watching the game from your home, without having to travel, and without spending on the ticket, you get an experience by far closest to reality.

Another way that the industry can use this video technology for entertainment is by creating movies in a 360-degree view. Although it will pose challenges off the screen, demanding for more arrangements and greater care, the outcome from the audience once it watches a play or a movie in 360 will remain unmatchable. The way this technology is going to aid the big industry of entertainment worldwide still has to be exploited.

Digital Marketing & Video Marketing

Marketing has been depending mainly upon content marketing but the trends are changing. Have you observed yourself more involved in watching videos over the past couple of years than you read the content? There is no doubt that the content marketing is never going to die, but to spice up your marketing campaign, video marketing has proved to be the best marketing tool so far.

“Websites with video(s) on their homepage have 800% conversion rate”

Your website maintains the online presence of your business. Now your business is not confined to an office which targets a small area. The world has got connected and people from one country have access to the other, to the other side of giant oceans. Hence a bigger audience now demands better marketing techniques.

And if you are wondering, what makes a marketing company stand out?

Here’s your answer. It is the use of technology which determines the efficiency of a marketing company. If people from the times of swords and archers are brought in the 21st century, regardless of their level of skillfulness, they are going to collapse. The quality of marketing follows the same analogy, where technology determines how well the company performs; of course, in a market comprising of skilled professionals in all companies possessing the same level of expertise.

Man infront of TV

360 Video is Boosting the Video Marketing Strategy

The way virtual reality has grabbed the attention of tech giants is the greatest good news for marketing experts. A powerful yet unexplored tool of 360 video marketing awaits your company/business to boost the outcome of its marketing strategy. While it is important to mention that only a few marketing professionals like 360 Clips are utilizing 360 video technology, businesses concerned with their marketing strategy can get facilitated before their competitors.

12% of businesses have used 360 video for marketing purposes.
Out of those, 86% said that 360 video was an effective marketing tool.

Graph of how consumers feel when watching 360 video

More Conversions, Greater Revenues

You may be aware of the fact that the closer your marketing is to reality, it’s going to cast a spell on target audience without them getting to know. Instead, 360 video marketing will highlight the perks of a product so well that no one is going to resist, making the marketing campaign successful. The 800% conversion rate mentioned earlier goes a lot higher with 360 video marketing techniques, and why wouldn’t it; you get to experience the product like you’re using it.

New Marketing Trends are Bringing Companies to the Top

It is the right time for marketing trends to change, and marketing strategies should take a radical leap by utilizing technology like the big companies; Barbour, ASDA and Ricoh have been doing. It wouldn’t be unjust to say that many companies have made their way to the top due to 75% contribution of marketing. As mentioned earlier, the newer trends in marketing are not just going to compel your visitors, they’ll make the product a part of the audience’s wish list. That is where the campaign gets a push and the same push is needed to achieve the conversion. Now imagine 360 video marketing bringing you the conversions directly, not even having to go through the wish list – the aim of every marketing strategy/campaign.

The goals in marketing are becoming seamless just like a 360 video is. These are the companies like 360 Clips who have realized the potential of video marketing and the way to make the best use of it. Both the entertainment industry as well as digital marketing will experience a jump towards reshaping the clichéd trends with the use of revolutionary 360 video technology.