Cloud computing needs no introduction now. Considering its pay for what you use feature, organizations, irrespective of their annual income, invest in the cloud-public, private, and hybrid, to centralize their data while ensuring its security 24/7. Amazon and Microsoft have their cloud with different functionalities and terms and conditions. Organizations have started migrating their applications to cloud to protect their users’ data even in unfavourable conditions like disasters. Apart from safety, cloud offers innumerable benefits on the grounds of flexibility, safety, and reliability.

Let’s discuss what cloud computing has to offer

1). Scalable & Reliable Infrastructure :

Cloud computing provides flexible infrastructure to enterprises. If you’re starting a new business or you’re planning to migrate to your existing one, cloud computing is very efficient and the best option to rely on. One of the best services offered by cloud is Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS). IaaS feature in cloud is beneficial for SMEs because it presents computing resources in a single frame. Here, you can choose a platform for hosting your website and type of machine, which you will use to integrate your code. In short, you can completely configure a machine of your choice.

You can :

  • Select machine image for installing your operating system.
  • Add any number of central processing units with RAM of your choice.
  • Add unlimited storage of your choice from vast marketplace including HDD,SSD etc.
  • Allow security groups to connect.
  • Add anti-viruses or configure firewalls.
  • Sum up networking resources.

Your organisation can scale up and down resources like memory, storage or operational need quickly depending on the present situation. As your business grows up, you can increase your machine size by adding more resources. To get these features, you need to understand the cloud first which you can learn through AWS training.

2). Integration Cost and Support Management:

You don’t need to purchase resources for building your machine neither do you manage and add resources. You’ll only pay for the resources you will use. Cloud service providers charge on the basis of per minute use of resource.

The best feature of cloud is that you’ll get 24*7 technical and non-technical support from your provider. You must be wondering about maintenance after configuring your machine. You don’t need to hire people. The service provider will manage everything, from machine to security software, everything will be automatically updated.

3). Geographic Target Reach:

In the cloud environment, you can target your customers according to your needs. You can host your website on worldwide, wherever your audience stays. Cloud gives access to configure and host your machine from data centres of your choice based on the availability zone and services. Therefore, cloud helps you increase your business reach worldwide.

4). Outstanding Resources:

Cloud computing is very advance technology. The cloud presents the softwares, storage, network, platform, database, security all as a service. Everything you need to run your business is available on the cloud. If you you want to attract customers you can use CRM tools over the cloud.

If you are facing difficulties in managing your employees on-site or off-premise, go for cloud based management software. For monitoring or analysing your machine, use cloudwatch monitoring services. The powerful software as a service is a data management tool for predicting and analysing data present on the cloud.

Cloud also gives reliable services for IT companies. From the evolution of cloud computing the Cloud providers deal with B2B and B2C platforms directly. Cloud offers its services with the help of third party integration which allows small to big companies to use and sell their products globally.

Cloud has emerged as a gift to developers. Developers can avail cloud benefits remotely.

The services that are being offered are:

  • Data backup and recovery services for storage and databases,
  • Snapshot services for database which captures and unifies the database information.
  • Platform for deploying application in few clicks.
  • Services and tools for directly testing your application.
  • Tools for promoting your business with email marketing and combined social marketing and monitoring.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence based tools for search engine optimisation sales, marketing and automation.
  • Easy tools for integrating in your company dashboard like telephony, analytics, order management and finance management.


Final words:

Cloud is a growing platform worldwide. One of the fundamental reasons responsible for it’s growth is affordability. Apart from purchasing expensive systems and equipment for business, entrepreneurs cut costs by using cloud resources which a computing service provider offers. Moreover, companies enjoy the benefits of automatic system upgrades, new hardware and software as per your contract. So cloud is here to stay. If you want to wok out on cloud, then online training and certifications are available to get hands-on the cloud.