Domain authority is basically how well a domain or a website will rank in search engine results. It is usually a score from 0-100. The higher the score, the better the ranking will be the domain in search engines. Web sites that appear on top of the lists in search engine results are some of those that have a ranking of 100. Some of these sites are Wikipedia, Google, and Facebook. These sites are what we call authoritative sites. These sites make the best practices in maintaining high domain authority scores. We will be discussing six ways to improve your website’s domain authority, and these sites are masters at it.


Domain authority was developed by Moz, and it is based on multiple factors such as the quality of the backlinks and internal linking, social signals, site loading time, user experience, site traffic, and much more. Bloggers, or online marketers, often worry about their domain authority and are on the lookout for ways to improve their domain authority. The higher domain authority you have, the higher you get to be in search engine results, translating to better traffic, and these visits can be monetized or visitors can be looked at as potential future customers. Those who use websites for marketing, or rely heavily on traffic to generate profit, are after high domain authority scores. So before you start blogging, especially if you are into it as a profession, go through these 6 ways to improve your website’s domain authority.


Develop strategies that improve internal linking

Great internal linking can boost rankings. These internal links often provide a better experience to those visiting your site. Internal linking is one aspect you have great control over, and by managing them correctly can greatly improve your site’s domain authority. Make sure your internal links are relevant and helpful to those who visit your site. Links are best tagged to natural anchor texts as it makes more sense to users. Include as many internal links as you can to make your site network dense and powerful.


Timely remove toxic backlinks

Best to review your backlinks regularly to ensure that spammy links are removed. Do not wait for an algorithm penalty to tag your site for bad backlinks. Have a regular schedule for checking your backlinks either as monthly or bi-monthly. This way, you’d be able to catch links that do not contribute positively to your domain authority.


Use techniques that improve overall website SEO

Your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) depends as well on how well built your site it. Make sure the technical aspects of your domain as addressed as well. Look into your site’s overall structure, its ease of use, URL structure, keywords, etc. If you want to make sure that you get a decent DA, then make sure that you have optimized every aspect of your domain.

6 Smart ways to enhance your website domain authority2

Regularly monitor your domain authority

By checking your domain authority regularly, you’d be able to observe the times that your domain authority increases or decrease. In moments, wherein an increase was observed, look into the links that your site is getting and try to get more of these in the future. When it is going down, you’d be able to see which links are causing the domain authority to go down. Regular checks of your domain authority will give you a better grasp of which work and which ones are not beneficial.


Build quality content

People naturally are likely to link to good content. Good content will do half the work of getting your external links. Though on some you might have to work extra hard just to gain those external links. Some examples of good content are informative posts, case studies, or interviews. Make sure that these contents stay true to the specific niche that you cater to.


Use social media

The power of social media cannot be underestimated in terms of promoting your website. Social media broadens the reach of your site by allowing others to share your site to their network. Nowadays, “viral” is the most powerful marketing tool you could have. By sharing your website, this increases your site’s exposure. The likelihood of your website getting more hits is helped by the fact those who visit the site are there precisely because the site was endorsed by someone they know or someone they trust.

6 Smart ways to enhance your website domain authority1

While there is no exact way to determine exactly which parameters are being used, and which criteria are actually included in the determination of domain authority scores, many have come up with pretty solid ideas, most of which have been tried and tested, and are proven means to bring up scores. It is advisable to remain strong on all of these aspects and not just focus on one, leaving the others lagging behind as this could hurt you in the end. Relying heavily on one single feature leaves gaps that hold you back from achieving the maximum potential available. Those with perfect and near perfect domain scores have remained strong on all of the aspects listed above, and have maintained a consistent performance. Best to remain strong where you are strong already, and to maintain that, but be careful not to leave things at that; you should be able to work on your weak points as well. Once you have elevated your game on any one, maintain that level and work on getting it still higher for the next time.


It is expected that when starting out, the domain authority is low, but it will not remain so, and there are plenty of means to build up. Some will take a lot of work, but most are simple enough to do. The higher the score that you get, the better your chances are of showing up in search engine queries, or the higher you’d be in the results in search engines. Before you start blogging, get familiar with how to boost your domain authority, and how to make it remain as such once you’ve got things going. There is no reason for you not to get these done.