Keyword research tools help SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals recognize words or expressions individuals utilize to discover information in the search engines. These tools give total SEO information like keyword volume, competition, CPC, top-ranking pages, and so on for a keyword. However, the vast majority of the keyword research tools are paid and are costly. Below is a handpicked list of Top Free SEO Keyword Research Tools on par with paid tools. The list contains mainstream features of the top free SEO keyword research tools.



Ubersuggest is a free application that assists you with discovering more than 100 long-tail keywords in almost no time. This device gives real insights identified with your website traffic and organic keywords.


  • It gives a comprehensive SEO report to realize the competitor’s page ranking for keywords.
  • You can find organic keywords from different websites.
  • Ubersuggest assists you with comprehending backlinks for the most part affecting your rankings.
  • You can see search volume, competition, and seasonal trends for each keyword.
  • It offers a list of keywords dependent on the thing others are typing into the Google search engine.
  • This device assists you with growing better content dependent on the topics that individuals are keen on.



Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a keyword generator that assists you to get the report with data to exhibit the adequacy of the mission. This application upholds the United States, Australia, Afghanistan, and more locales.


  • It can discover 1500 PR keywords around the world.
  • This tool gives total visualization of the data.
  • You can enter any word in the search textbox, and this application will consequently give content suggestions.
  • It upholds various languages including, English, Polski, and so on.




Soovle is an apparatus that gives idea administrations from Bing, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and so on. It proposes the moving keywords arranged in alphabetical request. This program assists you with saving your keyword suggestions.


  • You can without much of a stretch change starting with one search engine then onto the next.
  • It permits you to tweak searching alternatives.
  • You can know suggestions by playing out a search on the given search engine.
  • You can reuse saved items later on.




InstaKeywords is a keyword discovering device that gives you various keyword suggestions. It offers essential data like multiple searches a month ago, nearby search volume, competition score, and so forth.


  • You can send out all keywords in a single click.
  • Instakeywords searches for keywords from mobile devices like Android telephones and iPads.
  • It doesn’t contain any graphics or advertisements.
  • This tool gives keywords and statistics on a single page. You don’t have to explore or reload pages.
  • Instakeywords assists you with discovering long-term keywords.



Google Trends 

Google Trends is an online application that investigates the popularity of top search queries in Google. You can utilize it to discover different languages and locales. This instrument utilizes charts to look at the search of other questions.


  • You can realize everyday search trends and real-time search trends.
  • It gives different classes like news, individuals, competitors, magnificence, food, design, and so on
  • Google Trends offers year-wise statistics.
  • It assists you with knowing the interest of other individuals at some random time and contrast search rank with each other.
  • This application naturally identifies topics dependent on the search keyword.
  • It offers a drop-down menu to switch between moving and most searched views.


Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator empowers you to search long-tail keywords your crowd is searching for. It gives keyword tools to eBay, Amazon, and so forth You can utilize this application to get a list of more than 100 keyword phrases.


  • It gives real-time keyword suggestions.
  • You can discover many keyword suggestions in lesser time.
  • Keyword Tool Dominator empowers you to search phrases from one search term.
  • This tool predicts the outcome from other individuals who utilize the web.
  • It offers a list of the aftereffect of what it thinks you are searching for.
  • You can see the specific most mainstream search terms.




Keysearch is a program that assists you with discovering pertinent, low competition keywords for a website or blog. It gives various approaches to get your import phrases. This device receives keywords recommended by Google, Amazon, and YouTube. You can utilize it to get top to bottom keyword competition examination.


  • You can search for five keywords each day.
  • It empowers you to check the backlink of your website.
  • You can audit your page.
  • This apparatus empowers you to make reports and notifications to get ranking updates.
  • Keysearch gives a video tutorial to know how it functions.
  • You can follow the rank of your website.
  • It updates often.

Keyword research is the beginning stage for any advanced showcasing effort, yet it should be a continuous interaction. You ought to often look at your keywords and discover how you are ranking contrasted with your competitors. After your keyword research, make content and pages zeroed in on those keywords. Joined with different SEO methodologies, this can assist you with ranking and get individuals to discover your website.