5 Tips on How the Best Marketers use Social Media

Social media marketing is a multi-faceted approach and most businesses will be using several social media networking platforms to share content. Instead of focusing on individual services, we thought we’d consider some more general approaches to increase your brands exposure and success on social networking platforms.

You may have found that although your business is sharing content on social networking sites, it still fails to achieve the desired results. This is likely to do with your marketing approach so to increase its success here is some tips to consider.

Share Images on Twitter

This one is slightly more specific but only because not enough tweets are utilising this feature. Sharing images on any social networking site increases the voracity of a given post but on Twitter the results are more marked.

Humans are very visual in the way that we perceive the world, which is partly why sites like Instagram and Pinterest do so well. They are purely image based and they serve to communicate succinctly and effectively and sometimes without any words at all.

Twitter already has a short word count so using an image can greatly increase what’s being said. Utilise images on Twitter to reach audience members and if you share high quality images and ones that relate to your audience you’re more likely to get retweets and increased exposure.

Reshare content for increased traffic

Once isn’t always enough and a business would do well to keep this in mind when it comes to its content. Reshares increase the possible audience and provide scope for new customers and perhaps a higher ROI.

Don’t just repeat yourself though. Instead consider the very beginning stages of content generation. When you’re writing copy to share it can be a good idea to make sure that it’s not contexualised and instead generalized. Perhaps that’s a clumsy way to put it but effectively content that can be reshared and isn’t stuck to a specific date provides far greater scope than say a news story.

Long lasting content provides a boon to traffic, social sharing, and much more. It’s likely that your site already has evergreen content and that’s a great place to start when it comes to devising a good social marketing approach.

Evergreen content

Firstly it’s always worth remembering that content has to be of a high quality and relevant to your business and its niche. Let’s assume that that’s the case for your business so whatever content you have that you deem to be evergreen is already good enough for an online audience.

The main consideration to keep in mind is the fact that evergreen content is as relevant months down the line as it was the day that it was posted. The best thing about this content type is the fact that these posts can last indefinitely (or until they need updating). For as long as the post can be linked to and used to increase traffic it can be defined as evergreen.

Consider Time Zones

The world is now a huge potential and connected audience. A business would do well to remember this and consider better ways of reaching that sprawling consumer base. Not everyone that would enjoy and share your content exists within your country; in fact considerably more people exist outside of your country and time zone.

A business then should stagger social media posts throughout the day and night. This will ensure that that business reaches the largest audience possible and at the optimum times for those users. Social media marketing is a huge and potentially very lucrative pursuit. Don’t limit your audience by geography and instead aim much higher.

A company can use software like Hootsuite to arrange and schedule posts for months in advance. This is again where evergreen content plays a big role. This content type can be shared throughout the year and with little effort on your business’ part.

It’s worth remembering that successful marketing is all about timing. If a business schedules its emails, tweets, and general updates at the right time it can have a captive audience. You want to understand your audience well enough to target posts for when they’re most likely to click or reshare them.

This is something that depends completely on your business and its audience. Good research is key for the timing of posts to be targeted the best. However there is evidence to suggest that an audience is at its most captive at the weekend. Use Hootsuite so that you don’t have to work over the weekend.

Social media marketing is a big job but it can be made easier. Effective targeting of your audience at the right time is the best way to increase interaction and engagement. Use images and generate evergreen content to ensure that your business’ marketing efforts are up-to-date and promoting your brand effectively.