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Launching Fifteen West Recruitment into the USA: 246% Surge in Web Traffic


FIFTEEN WEST is a renowned search-to-search business, playing a pivotal role in building recruitment teams across the global stage. Boasting over a quarter-century of expertise, they liaise with promising recruitment enterprises eager to expand across the USA, creating long-lasting relationships and consistently satiating the demands of their expansive network.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Fifteen West's ambition was clear: to dominate as a top-tier search-to-search recruitment firm in both Europe and the USA. While their client base was impressive, the ongoing requirement for more candidates to cater to these high-profile clients was palpable. They reached out to us with the following aims:

  • Step1

    Modernize their digital platform to match the changing recruitment landscape.

  • Step2

    Design a website that was both visually appealing and optimized for client acquisition.

  • Step3

    Amplify their brand presence uniformly across diverse platforms.

  • Step4

    Implement lead generation strategies to meet the demands of their burgeoning client base.

The Strategy

The Strategy

Our strategy unfurled over a span of three months:

  • Step1
    Website Overhaul

    Rolled out an SEO-optimized website, meticulously crafted to convert visits into valuable clientele. The platform also spotlighted features like job management, success stories, and podcasts, amplifying trust and candidate attraction.

  • Step2
    Cross-Platform Brand Launch

    Unified the brand voice and visuals across various digital and traditional platforms for cohesive brand identity.

  • Step3
    Lead Generation Through Content

    Deployed a content-rich strategy, harnessing the power of SEO to draw organic traffic and convert them into potential leads.

  • Step4
    Email Automation for Lead Nurturing

    Deployed targeted email automation campaigns to engage potential candidates, ensuring consistent communication and opportunities for lead generation and email list growth.

The Results

The Results

The figures paint a vivid story. Not only did we meet the objectives; we soared beyond them, establishing a fresh standard for the recruitment industry. If your enterprise is on the hunt for a digital metamorphosis as transformative as connecting businesses with top talent, we're all ears.


Web Traffic Boost

A surge in web traffic in just a month, underlining the potent reach and attraction of the revamped platform.


New Keyword Rankings

Within a mere six months, the website began ranking for 14 new pivotal keywords, amplifying its digital presence.

92 out of 100

SEO Score

Achieved a near-perfect score on Google Lighthouse, reflecting the impeccable SEO strategies implemented.


Email Subscriber Growth

An increase in the email mailing list, showcasing the website's prowess in capturing and retaining user interest.

"Our collaboration with 201 Digital has been transformative. Their digital expertise has been invaluable in our journey to expand into the USA. We feel they're truly a part of the Fifteen West family."


Lucie Avenell
Global Marketing Manager - Fifteen West

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